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Integration Services

Integration services is bridging two or more diverse applications, here one being Tally for a consolidated information system that helps make quick decisions. It is intended for businesses that deploys multiple or mostly dual applications due to internal evolution or demanding business reasons. Making use of the interoperability characteristics of Tally, Systech addresses multi various types of such requirements thru´ Enterprise Tally Integrator (ETI) which integrates their core applications with Tally in a seamless, tightened and fully-automatic manner.


Systech has pioneered the integration concept since the capability is introduced in Tally. With its expertise and an exclusive team of database consultants Systech has cruised thru´ many successful integration projects from various domains. Systech´s ETI is a custom made tool that extracts data from any RDBMS including Oracle, MS-SQL, My-SQL, Sybase, DB2 and DBMS including FoxPro, access, dbase, Excel or vice-versa in a pre-defined manner. carries out integration brilliantly in an online (for critical applications) and offline (periodic) configuration comprising of PULL or PUSH or BI ­ DIRECTIONAL mode.

Special Integration Services also moves and fetches data to and from Tally with third party applications, platform and devices.

The major business benefits of ETI are as follows:

  • Real time consolidated info for quick decisions
  • Time, effort and cost Saving
  • Highly reliable and accountable
  • Highly secured
  • Integration with Precision
  • Complete peace of mind
  • Increases Tally´s Performance drastically as it liberates lots of users

Let us look at the listed scenarios and the impact ´integration´ as a concept would create on your business:

I. Integration - PUSH Mode

Here the core business (pre-sales, inventory, production, HR management, etc.,) is managed by an ERP or an in-house application or even a legacy application running thru´ years or a combination of them. Whereas the finance and taxation management is done thru´ Tally for its unmatched capabilities and for accounts finalization purpose as required by the Chartered Accountant.

Most of the customers here being unaware of the capabilities offered by Tally, choose to

Manually re-enter all the vouchers in Tally, the difficulties being

  • Highly laborious and cumbersome
  • Time consuming
  • Lot of man-day wastage
  • Lack of precision

Semi automated Export and Import of data with the following issues

  • Requires skilled manual intervention
  • Not sure about the new masters
  • Voucher deletion and duplication risks
  • Not able to track the history
  • Integrate Sales, Purchase, Journals, stock values, etc., with Tally
  • Employees Attendance from biometric m / c for payroll computation
  • Integrate directly from the database or thru´ Excel.

II. Integration - PULL Mode

Similarly some customers might require Tally information in their ERP System for example banking is done by Tally whereas account receivables and payables are managed by the other application. Here data from Tally should be made available in the other application instantly especially in a critical scenario where there is a customer credit cap. A real time integration is a must and any gap may not really be tolerated here.


  • Integrate Payments, Receipts, Journals, etc., to Tally
  • Use Tally info for Reports / Dashboards outside
  • Use Tally info for SMS / E-mail notifications

III. Integration - PULL & PUSH

You may be requiring the financials to be published in your Portal / website. Imagine a business which wants its customers to pay online using credit / debit cards or net banking and so on. The bill outstanding has to be published in the website and the receipt made against it has to be integrated back to Tally.


  • Upload Tally Financial info in your portal
  • Integrate receipts or payments back into Tall


Clients Speak

Over these years I see Systech as one unique company, which takes up full ownership of satisfying the complete IT requirements of my fellow exporters.

Padmashree A.Sakthivel, President, TEA, Tirupur

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