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Advantages of Systech ETI (Enterprise Tally Integrator) Tool

Sl. No. Feature Benefit
1 Eliminates double entry system of vouchers
  • Cut down manpower costs drastically
  • Precise data, free from human errors
  • Peace of mind on ’complete automation’
  • Real-time integration for online information.
2 Easily Configurable
  • Online (Critical applications)
  • Offline (periodic)
3 Quick Customizing and Implementation
  • High returns on investment
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Helps you use Tally in a much advanced level
4 Capable of Extracting data directly from any data base like Oracle, My Sql, MS Sql, Fox Pro and etc.
  • No intermediate layer (Excel/MS Access) 
  • A quick process
5 Bi-directional integration. Offers integration into Tally (Push mode) and from Tally (Pull mode)
  • Handles any complex business scenario
6 Maintains log book of Integrated Entries
  • Can check for authentication of users
7 Automatic Creation of Masters
  • Auto-creation of masters based on entries
  • No duplications
  • No omissions.
8 Comprehensive tool that is fully automated
  • No manual intervention.
  • No exports and imports.
  • Fully automatic
  • Offers you complete peace of mind.
9 Application of Business Rules
  • Rules for integration can be customized. (For ex. 10 cash bills should be consolidated as a single entry with bill nos as reference)
10 Voucher Type / Company selection can be done for integration.
  • Need not integrate all
  • Specific voucher types
  • Specific companies (in case of multi-companies)
11 Automatic altered entry update
  • Checks and auto updates of altered entries. 
12 Integration History
  • Integration log book company-wise
  • Period-wise
  • Transaction-wise.
  • Non integrated entries with error message
  • Integration history that include time date & voucher type.
  • Differentiates between your manual and integrated entries
  • Identify altered vouchers.
13 Security
  • Integration rights can be assigned by admin to desired users.
14 Email Alerts
  • Users will receive email alerts on integration
15 Data base connectivity status
  • Data base connectivity information provided as Color Indication to know the status.
16 Supports Tally 7.2 upwards
  • Offers flexibility to Customers who are yet to upgrade.
17 Easy Upgradation
  • Upgrades with your Tally version and release
  • Investment Protection


Clients Speak

Over these years I see Systech as one unique company, which takes up full ownership of satisfying the complete IT requirements of my fellow exporters.

Padmashree A.Sakthivel, President, TEA, Tirupur

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