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Custom Made Solutions

Taking advantage of the incredible range of features, functionalities and capabilities of Tally.ERP 9, Systech can develop applications that can satisfy any type of businesses (be it small, medium or large). Processes and business contexts however unique can be solved with simple solutions built on Tally.ERP 9. Tally´s scripting language – Tally Definition Language (TDL) and integration capabilities of Tally.ERP 9 can be used to develop solutions even for the most complex business problems.

All that what have been accomplished and available in the proven domains now once began this way. Hence you can be confident of getting the same results and entrust us with the job. Our exclusive teams of functional and technical consultants will carve out a solution that your business best deserves.

Not confining to just solutions on tally, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a hybrid technology, if your requirements calls so. Here ideally there will be a solution built around Tally incorporating even third party technologies and database. The following scenarios are examples of providing solutions using hybrid technology:

  • Tally information on your portal / cloud
  • Powerful reports
  • Data warehousing and business analytics
  • Tally net-app, etc.,

We invite customers from new businesses to sign-up with us. Recognized as early bird customers, they are assured of an excellent support apart from the listed benefits :

  • 50% offer – A straight 50% discount just for the trust you shown on us
  • 100% customized – no separate customization charges
  • Be the industry leader &nd you pave a strong way for the industry to follow
  • Free updates for a year

Here is our approach towards building a world class solution for you :


Requirement Study

The first phase of the entire cycle. This involves studying your requirements at a broader level, analyzing them, fitment with default or module features, gap analysis, checking for feasibility and sizing the efforts.

Estimate & Proposal

Once done with the study, an estimate is prepared based on which a detailed proposal with terms and conditions will be submitted to the customer.


The Customer approves (or asks changes) the proposal by signing up the same and making the required payment.

Prototype Approval

Based on the requirement study outcome a detailed prototype document with screen shots would be submitted for approval by the Customer. If the requirement is large, then it is more likely that a second study at a much elaborate level would be carried out. If the requirement is very small (that the development time itself is much lesser than the documentation time), then even the prototype document would be overlooked to deliver the job straight away. Requirements will be frozen up here and any changes to this document cannot be taken up.

Design, Development & Testing

This is the most crucial part of the entire cycle where the actual development takes place, after making the due design. Development is done by a team or an individual depending on the size and urgency of the case. Once developed, the job is subjected to testing that include flow test, functionality test and performance test. Tests are repeated with corrective action if required before it goes to compilation, where it is compiled as a tcp (or exe in the case of integration) file and licensed (to work with the given tally serial numbers).


The final tcp or exe file is delivered to you, mostly as a soft delivery thru´ email. For jobs involving ´printing on a stationery´ even micro level onsite code corrections will be done to align the document with the printer / device.

Implementation & Training

The implementation process would involve installing and configuring the delivered file in your system. This is followed by explanation/training to the key persons the customer. A user manual (only if it forms part of the proposal) may be shared for future references and help. Minor corrections and fine tuning of the requirements at a micro level would be allowed here to complete the job and declared ´live´.


Ongoing support would be provided for ninety days beyond which it becomes chargeable. Post warranty support can be addressed thru´ our Professional support services for a smooth operation with a high uptime.


Clients Speak

Over these years I see Systech as one unique company, which takes up full ownership of satisfying the complete IT requirements of my fellow exporters.

Padmashree A.Sakthivel, President, TEA, Tirupur

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