Textile Management Solutions Tally ERP9


CASE I Integrate your Spinning ERP with Tally

    Textile Industry uses a core application for their Spinning Management System that might take care of your Purchase, Inventory, Production (Blowroom, Carding, Combing, Drawing, Spinning, Winding & Packing), Sales, Maintenance and even HR Management. But in most of the cases Tally is preferred for financial management. The reasons being

  • a) Tally offers dynamic taxation capabilities in tune with the frequently changing government policies
  • b) Tally’s Powerful audit capabilities
  • c) Chartered Accountant’s preferred application for accounts finalization
  • Hence a dual system becomes inevitable but without having to replicate or re-enter or keying back the data into Tally. This also means additional work which in turn causes errors, delays and money.

How can Systech Help?

Systech with the help of its Enterprise Tally Integrator (ETI) offers you a solution addressing the above issues and providing you with a seamless bridging of your spinning application with Tally so as to manage:

  • Account Receivables /Payables Management
  • Taxation Management (VAT/CST, Central Excise, Service Tax,TDS)
  • Final Accounting reports
  • Cost-centre based Income & Expense
  • Banking
  • Auditing
  • Benefits

    • No duplication of entry, Saves you time and money
    • No human errors, absolute peace of mind
    • Incorporate Business rules, Business-at-ease
    • Optimizes the best of both applications, profitable growth

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    CASE II Customize Tally for a Spinning Mill

    Our current Spinning module is currently live at a 12000 spindleage mélange yarn manufacturer addressing their manufacturing, distribution and accounting requirements. By implementing our module, the customer experienced benefits that include timely deliveries, increased productivity, greater responsiveness, improved customer service, lower administration costs and a substantial improvement in information availability for day-to-day decision making. Everything that is needed to grow the business.

    What Systech can offer

    The following is our solution workflow:

    Textile Flowchart

    The solution comprises of an end-to-end approach right from receiving a sale order till sales invoicing as per the above flow. Similar kind of solutions can be offered for any type of industry in particular, the textile industry.

    Connect your Staff attendance machine to Tally.ERP9 and Compute Payroll in minutes

    Send SMS from Tally.ERP9 on every sale/receipt

    Clients Speak

    Over these years I see Systech as one unique company, which takes up full ownership of satisfying the complete IT requirements of my fellow exporters.

    Padmashree A.Sakthivel, President, TEA, Tirupur

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